Precise induction·Reliable quality·High consistency·Long-term stability


Precise induction·Reliable quality·High consistency·Long-term stability
New energy industry

New energy industry

With years of experience in the sensing field and strong scientific research and innovation ability, we have successfully customized sensors for processing machinery and equipment in the new energy field, such as winding equipment and electric core hot press, for a number of high-quality suppliers ...
3C industry

3C industry

It is specialized in providing sensor customization services for screen fitting equipment, key touch tester, camera locking equipment, screen flatness test equipment and other products used in 3C industry. The applied equipment is used to produce mobile phones and peripheral digital products such...
New retail industry

New retail industry

The development of new technologies such as Internet, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence also promotes the landing and development of new retail concepts. In this process, the intelligent and scientific characteristics of new retail are increasing, which puts forward higher req...
Logistics industry

Logistics industry

According to the statistics of China Commercial Industry Research Institute, the national e-commerce transaction volume reached 29.16 trillion yuan in 2017, and the scale of China‘s e-commerce market is expected to exceed 37 trillion yuan in 2018. The adjusted development promotes the logis...
Medical industry

Medical industry

China‘s medical industry has entered a period of rapid improvement and development in recent years. With the implementation of the "healthy China" strategy, the demand for relevant medical equipment is growing rapidly, and the quality requirements are more stringent. Evergreen has rich experien...
Plastic industry

Plastic industry

With more than 15 years of service experience in the plastic industry, we have a deep understanding of the characteristics of different equipment in the plastic industry and the different performance requirements of sensors, continuously follow up the development and update of relevant equipment in...

Custom service

Provide customers with one-stop solution services
  • Demand communication

    Demand communication

    Understand the application scenarios, functions, parameters and other requirements of the product
  • product design

    product design

    Make product design scheme according to actual needs
  • Sample making

    Sample making

    Make samples and provide samples to customers for confirmation
  • Custom production

    Custom production

    Customized production according to customer needs to meet customer personalized needs

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2011年获得 CPA 计量器具型式批准证书

2011年获得 CMC 计量器具许可证












组建自主研发创新实验室,持续开展研发工作;目前已经通过6项实用新型专利认证, 5项软件著作专利认证;20项专利/认证申请正在审核中。


长青拥有经验丰富的一线生产员工100多人,独立生产基地1200平米, 超过30000支/月的生产能力,强大的交付能力充分保障客户货期需求。

About Us

Build an excellent independent brand in the field of sensors
  •     Dongguan Changqing (evergreen) Instrument Co., ltd is professional manufacturer of intelligent weighing and force measuring products. “evergreen” is a virtual repository of technology and an ideal knowledge partner since 2020 .

        We operating our own factory based in Dongguan. In our vast experience and research in the line , we  produce force sensors, load cells ,weighing modules ,torque transducers, waterproof loadcells, digital sensors, amplifiers, weighing indicators and weighing systems . More importantly, we OEM and ODM for customers . Products manufactured by “everGreen” are made by high quality precision equipment, advances testing systems and strict international quality control measures to meet and exceed the highest standards in the world . 

         Our corporate view is “win to win” . We were keeping enthusiasm of research for quality of products. We focus on developing long term, successful relationships with our customers.

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